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Various documents that reside on the One Electron web site:

"California 220,000-Volt - 1100-Mile - 1,500,000 Kw. Transmission Bus" an article from Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) by R.W. Sorensen, H.H. Cox & G.E. Armstrong, 1919. Discusses long-distance transmission line issues, as well as problem of integrating 50 cycle power systems in the Los Angeles area with the rest of the bus. 32 pages, 1.8Mb pdf format.

Tubes or Transistors? - An article from April 1959 Electronic Industries that gently reminds readers of the benefits of tubes in the midst of the pro-transistor frenzy. 6 pages, 891K pdf format.

How to Build a "Junkbox" Electric Guitar - an article in the Nov. 1939 Radio-Craft magazine by Frank E. Chambers, W9BMN on building a guitar amp using push-pull '45s. Also shows how to build the magnetic pickup. (362K pdf)

Note: the following articles (in brown) were scanned from magazines borrowed from Mark Rauber of Gardnerville, Nevada:

What Is the Best Loud Speaker, and Why? - an article by H. Winfield Secor in the March 1927 Radio News about speaker theory for the radio listener. Check out the 20 foot Orthophonic phonograph on the first page! (908K pdf)

A Simple Roll-Type Loud Speaker - an article by E.M. Yarbrough in the July 1927 Radio News. Remember the lineanum tweeter? This looks like the same thing. (215K pdf)

A Three-Foot Roll-Type Loudspeaker - an article by Clyde J. Fitch in the February 1927 Radio News on another lineanum-type speaker (252K pdf)

Chemical Condensers of Large Capacity - an article by Clyde J. Fitch in the August 1926 Radio News. How to build your own electrolytic capacitors. (394K pdf)

Tubes Within Tubes - an article by G.C.B. Rowe from the July 1926 Radio News on Dr. Siegmund Loewe's multi-section tubes, from Germany. These were truly the first integrated circuits, since not only triodes, but passive components were enclosed in the vacuum tube. (558K pdf)

New Radio Devices of Fixed Precision - an article from the July 1926 Radio News on some more of Dr. Loewe's inventions: metal-film resistors and visually-indicating quartz crystals. These crystal indicators were used by the Germans in WW2 to calibrate their field and aircraft radios. (463K pdf)

The following series of articles written by Sylvan Harris give a good overview of 1920's amplifier design. Unfortunately, not all sections of this series are available.

How Should Transformer Curves be Plotted? - July 1926 Radio News (619K pdf)
More About Audio-Frequency Amplifiers - August 1926 Radio News (365K pdf)
Overloading the Audio Amplifier - Sept. 1926 Radio News (250K pdf)
Types of Audio Amplifiers - October 1926 Radio News (343K pdf)
Transformer-Coupled Amplifiers - November 1926 Radio News (374K pdf)
Does Resistance Coupling Give Best Quality? - April 1927 Radio News (319K pdf)

"MotorBoating," What It Is and Why - an article by O.D. Westcott in the August 1927 Radio News on the sporting proclivity of resistance-coupled amplifiers. (416K pdf)

Some Aspects of High Quality Reproduction - two articles by Paul Traugott on what contributes to high quality reproduction in radios:
Part I - the RF and detector contributions - July 1927 Radio News (318K pdf)
Part II - the AF amplifier contribution - August 1927 Radio News (289K pdf)

Advancements in R.F. Stabilizing Systems - an article in the May 1927 Radio News about methods in stabilizing triode RF amplifiers in radios - a problem that would become moot within a few months with the introduction of the screen-grid tube. (314K pdf)

The Browning Drake Receiver - several articles on a popular radio receiver design of the 1920s - a neutralized triode RF amplifer followed by a triode regenerative detector, then two or three audio amplifier stages.

A Lamp-Socket-Operated Browning-Drake Receiver - by Arthur H. Lynch, Nov. 1926 Radio News (1.2Mb pdf)
Home-Made Coils for the Browning-Drake and Similar Circuits, part 2 - by C.A. Oldroyd, Jan. 1927 Radio News (193K pdf)
The Evolution of the Browning-Drake Receiver - by Arthur H. Lynch, April 1927 Radio News (974Kpdf)
Modernizing the Browning-Drake Receiver - by Arthur H. Lynch, May 1927 Radio News (833K pdf)
The De Luxe System of Radio Broadcast Reception - by Arthur H. Lynch, June 1927 Radio News (809K pdf)

Active Bandpass Filter has sharp cut-off - an article from the Aug. 15, 1958 Electronics magazine by J. Ross Macdonald about a tube-type 7th-order high and low pass filter. Offers ideas for active cross-overs as well as interesting techniques for reducing distortion by reducing heater voltgage. 611K pdf.

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