Tech Library:

The Technician's Filing Cabinet - Links to lots of schematics and manuals.

Artemis Labs Data - manuals, schematics, and tech info on this high-end audio product line.

Randall Amplifier Info - Technical info on the stereo SE amp that was a class project.

SEA-1 (Triple-2A3) Amplifier Article and Schematic - The first amplifier to use the UBT-1 output transformers.

Fourier Components OTL Amp Information - Information on these great, but out of production OTL amps.

Dynaco CDV-Pro/CDV-2 Upgrades - Schematics of the original CDV-Pro plus ways to make it sound much better. Mods to the CDV-2 also included.

1990 P-P Transformer Tests - dated, but still relevant information on push-pull tube output transformers.

Miscellaneous Documents - Archival material on the One Electron web site.

Ampex AG-440C Journal - an ongoing chronicle of the restoration of a classic machine.

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