These are links that I find useful or interesting.

BoingBoing - lots of interesting stuff.
The Truth About Cars - the best car blog.
The Truth About Guns - a gun blog by the founder of the Truth About Cars.
Strange Maps - Many interesting maps
Crooked Timber - (Academic) observations on the current scene.
Spike Japan - A Brit's exploration of a decaying Japan.
Ate Up With Motor - An incredibly detailed history of automobiles.

Of Two Minds - Charles Hugh Smith's blog.
Naked Capitalism - Yves Smith's excellent blog on economics and bank fraud.
Jesse's Café Américain - An American in Europe commenting on the economic scene.
Billy Blog - An Australian economist's view on the world.

Alternative Views:
Ran Prieur - An astute observer of life.
Dangerous Minds - good coverage of music, film, and rock and roll.
ribbonfarm - "experiments in refactored perception".
We Are Respectable Negroes - A black academic's view of the race situation.
The Archdruid Report - a real archdruid looks at peak oil, magic, etc.
ClubOrlov - A Russian in America reflects on the fall of the USSR and our current situation.

On An Overgrown Path - Classical music observations from the UK.
Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise - The New Yorker's classical music critic's blog.
Free Music Archive - Lots of free music.
WFMU's Beware of the Blog - My favorite alternative music station's blog.

Vacuum Tube Audio:
Tube CAD Journal - John Broskie's always interesting and mind-stimulating ideas on audio amplification.
Frank's Electron Tube Pages - A vast collection of tube data sheets.
Pete Millett's DIY Audio Pages - Tube audio projects and data. - Pete Millett's huge collection of scanned books on tubes, electronics, audio, etc.

Arcane Radio Trivia - Observations on the broadcast radio world plus related technologies by Jose Fritz.
Engineering Radio - A perceptive site by a radio broadcasting engineer.

Technical & Computer:
Ars Technica - an overview of the modern technical scene.
DigiTimes - Computer busness news from Taiwan.
Computer Audiophile - Info on digital audio in the home.
MacInTouch - User's Q&As about Apple's products.
68k Macintosh Liberation Army - Forums for people who keep old Macs going.
Silent PC Review - a site that reviews equipment for quiet PCs.

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